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Vivaldi: sync settings

29 November 2017

Vivaldi is one of my favourite browsers … in fact, it is my favourite browser.

Though it’s based on some well established technologies the project itself is newer and has had less time to mature than, say, Firefox or Opera – so there are a few rough edges. What it offers though is the potential for near-unbounded customization of the browsing experience and the minor wrinkles that exist are not enough to stop me from being excited and engaged by everything else it offers.

One thing I – and I think a considerable number of users – have been waiting on is support for secure sync (of passwords, bookmarks, etc) and so it was really exciting to hear that progress has been made and sync has landed in a snapshot.

What really grabbed my attention though was mention in the Sync FAQ of using one’s own server to store the data. The answer was that this is not currently possible, but:

We hope to make this possible in the future once we are confident that our server implementation is ready to be open-sourced.

That’s exciting stuff. I would love to see this and though much that same is basically already possible with other browsers it could be another chance for Vivaldi to outshine the rest.

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