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Options, options, options

10 January 2018 (updated 10 January 2018)

Though Firefox has made a strong comeback over the last few months with its Quantum engine and other initiatives, I remain really stoked by Vivaldi and the sheer potential it offers for a personalized browsing experience through a rich array of options and settings.

Screenshot showing multi-tab selection/actions in Vivaldi

A huge amount is configurable, yet it manages to remain a browser that requires very little or no setup work from new users.

Of course, some amount of what Vivaldi offers is achievable with the usual mainstream browsers via various extensions — but it’s also true that a lot of it’s features are not available even with extensions (or at least, due to limits of what extensions can do, cannot be done anything like as tidily).

What really appeals to me, though, given my browser is very much a part of my daily working environment, is just how neatly Vivaldi bundles this stuff up and gives me control: it offers a clean, customizable space I can make my own … and at a high level, a lot of the principles that attract me to Vivaldi seem like things I can take and imbue my own software projects with and I’m going to make it a personal challenge to do just that.

Vivaldi: sync settings

29 November 2017

Vivaldi is one of my favourite browsers … in fact, it is my favourite browser.

Though it’s based on some well established technologies the project itself is newer and has had less time to mature than, say, Firefox or Opera – so there are a few rough edges. What it offers though is the potential for near-unbounded customization of the browsing experience and the minor wrinkles that exist are not enough to stop me from being excited and engaged by everything else it offers.

One thing I – and I think a considerable number of users – have been waiting on is support for secure sync (of passwords, bookmarks, etc) and so it was really exciting to hear that progress has been made and sync has landed in a snapshot.